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But balanced with other viewpoints, is a decent reference of general inquiries. Jun 25, Dolly rated it it was ok Recommends it for: people who liked the first books in this series. Shelves: nonfiction , Ugh - more preaching I don't even think I finished this one Some good tips but most beneficial in helping me realize that the range of questions I have had about parenting my toddler are completely normal, and that overall our parenting is going just fine.

Shelves: health , non-fiction , parenting. Part 1 is divided into months; Part 2 covers toddler care, health, and safety in general. It contains just enough humor for this type of book.

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I agreed with most of advice, which is backed by research and seems sensible. Babies who use walkers have more accidents and take longer to learn to walk. Toddlers repeat actions that get a major reaction. Remember how sad you were when Emily took your teddy? Praise them for good behavior. Teach them how to relax and set a relaxed example yourself , deal with the world in non-aggressive ways, delay gratification. Avoid pressuring to achieve, emphasize recreation and family over work-only. Doing so makes it more attractive.

Be specific.

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Teach self-appreciation. If they delay, you can remind them to hurry so you can get to the fun place. Quickly and quietly explain that pointing out differences can hurt feelings, so if they need to do so, to wait until later or use their quiet voice. Later, discuss differences. Explain that picking hurts the nose. Explain difference between lying and pretending e.

Give fair warning 2. Explain the sentence 3. Carry out the sentence immediately 4. Review event 5. Stop giving whole milk and full-fat cheese and yogurt. Stick to hard cheeses Swiss, Cheddar, Muenster , cottage cheese, yogurt. The Dirty Dozen are the most important. In summer, set AC temp higher and use fan. It removes toothpaste before it's swallowed, and eliminates loosened food. Pediatrician can perform basic dental exams.

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It's usually once any two teeth are close not necessarily touching. Give chilled applesauce or frozen banana, or cup of icy cold water without ice. Give ibuprofen or acetaminophen when pain is at its worst, probably at bedtime. Ask doctor for other remedies. By age 3 you can get them to start putting toys away after playing with them.

Others suggest a 2. Don't use ice, butter, burn ointment, baking soda preparations. Go to the ER or call Safe Sitter trains teams in babysitting fundamentals. Usually after 20 months. Toddler lets you know in some way grunting, making a face, going to a corner, telling you, etc.

Make it available for them to carry, sit on while reading, etc. Show toddler that you empty solids into toilet and flush.

Start with disposable and gradually move to traditional training pants full time. Some prefer to sit on their knees on a regular chair. After that, limit to 0. Offer to read together a book about it written for toddlers and young preschoolers. Answer only the questions he asks. If an older child needs to, let them read quietly in bed. Jun 22, Shavar Ross rated it it was amazing. Amazing series. Extremely informative. May 08, Sally Edsall rated it liked it.

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This is very comprehensive. Thank goodness there is a comprehensive index, because the arrangement is a bit off-putting. The chapters are broken down "chronologically" - The Thirteenth Month, The 25th to 27th Month etc etc. Within each section it contains "milestones" type information - carefully labelled 'what your child MIGHT be doing' it reinforces that children develop at different rates, but it still does encourage you to compare 'your child' with some 'norm'.

After that there are sections on This is very comprehensive. After that there are sections on 'What You May Be Concerned About' - for example, at the 19th month it might be 'night wandering, 'underactivity' or 'unclear speech' amongst other things. Thing is, these are not necessarily chronologically-linked.

So you need to read right through the Table of Contents and use the index some page refs are wrong, by the way to find the topic you are interested in. I think it would be much better arranged thematically.

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Perhaps a short section on things that really are age-specific. There are subsequent sections on things such as special needs children, toilet learning, feeding. I have found the information on illness particularly useful and at other times much other information useful, interesting or reassurring. I think this book earns its place in a parent's reference library. Its usefulness extends well beyond the toddler years, and for some things is still good in the early years of school by which time life is so busy there isn't a lot of time for consulting books!

Jan 04, Lisa Wells rated it it was amazing. I really like the month by month break down as your toddler progresses. But yes, I read it cover to cover like an OCD freak. Apr 02, Mahwish rated it it was amazing. Yes when your child hits the terrible twos, this is the book that will keep you a bit calm. It helps to know all toddlers of the world follow the same pattern.

And their areany other moms out their going through exactly what you are going through. Dec 25, Shanna rated it liked it. There are always enough helpful tidbits in the What to Expect books that make them worth the read. However, they could easily pack all of the same information in a book half as long. It is almost like they felt the need to take up more pages in order to make the book more valid. May 25, Jordyne rated it it was ok. Good month by month summaries if you're into benchmarking your kids obsessively which obviously, I am but just like the When Expecting Version, too chatty, not clinical and crisp enough for my taste.

May 19, Natasha rated it liked it. Very helpful reference book. Nov 13, JaNel rated it it was ok Shelves: parenting. There are just too many variables for this format to be very helpful anymore. Oct 24, Rachel rated it liked it. Not as good as the other books but helpful tips and important developmental milestones to look for. Oct 13, Emily rated it liked it. Decent resource for the 2nd and 3rd, I assume year of parenting but most of it is pretty outdated. Oct 03, Caris rated it liked it. Ok for a general overview.

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