Guide Vendange: Vintage Tales of My Grape Escape to the Medoc.

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Other labels include the rich Sauvignon Blanc. Other labels wines in The have called the Waihopai Valley Te Awa remains under the same appearing under the second worst wine I could find at Trinity since the Americans built a listening day-to-day control, with viticulturist label Dunleavy. Hill was the High Country Pinot station there. The grapes come from Gus Lawson in overall charge.

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The only Estate, which might sound vast for at Domaine Dujac in Burgundy for TE WHARE RA thing I could fault it on was its a relatively new winery, but the 18 months before going over to the straightforward, upfront, easy- Johnsons have been growing for opposition—Bordeaux—where she Marlborough drinking quality.

In the wines. All, in fact, come from the Noir is the sort of impressive quality meantime, try the Sarah Jennings same acre hectare vineyard but they have been selected on a parcel-by-parcel basis according to which combination of variety and rootstock grows best. If there are differences, they are effectively what the Burgundians would call climats individual block or plots , and it would be a good idea to name them. The Gibbston Valley sun and dry winds are responsible estate was surrounded on all sides CB for the intense fruit flavor of these tEntire range by urban sprawl by , when well-structured wines.

Top wines are and loves Pinot Noir. Any readers the name for the overall business, who are curious how Italian varieties Marlborough although this vineyard is now Vidal was founded by a Spaniard, and styles might work in New CB known as One Paddock.

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The whites often as an example of a rare Amarone- Sauvignon Blanc truly two-paddock Two Paddocks lack finesse, although they are style wine, made from grapes that to be produced that year. Marlborough Last Chance Pinot Noir. Also very good are the only as and when needs be. Where oak is used, Waipara Springs produces a In , Wither Hills was purchased CC the touch is light and impeccably solid range of consistently fine by Lion Nathan, the brewing giant integrated. For such a large quality wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. Both are Sauvignon Blanc brilliant. Phil and Chris Rose have been growing grapes since In , tPinot Noir Bannockburn they decided to launch their own Vineyard label, and now take the pick of the crop from their acres hectares of vines spread over three vineyards.

John Belsham see Foxes Island Wines has been the winemaker from the beginning. For some, the most interesting BHUTAN phenomenon throughout Asia is the emergence of wines made from Taltarni of Victoria, Australia, consults for a vineyard established in indigenous, non-vinifera varieties, but until the producers of these the early s at Paro, at an altitude of 7, feet 2, meters.

Varieties include table grapes. This has been more of a and Hungary, where continental provinces of Xinjiang, Gansu, and success and has achieved much higher standards than Dynasty.

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Export-orientated There are wineries in China, with over in the Shandong summers and very cold, dry winters. Most vineyards are India Hot, with no real winter. Two and have had some great success either state-owned or cooperatives of several families in the same harvests a year: one dry, one humid- with superpremium wines, such as village. The area under vine has more than doubled since the late monsoon usually avoided. The temperature banned in preparation to join OIV The vine has been growing in India for more than 6, years, drops as one moves northward; Office International du Vin.

The India Vine training is moving from vineyards, but wine production is so small that there are no climate of Miyazaki Prefecture on the Lenz Moser high system to more official statistics.

The biggest problem is still into the side of the Sahyadri Mountains. The first wine exported slopes to overcome the earlier rain, which is frequently overcome under the Omar Khayyam label caused a stir in London, not least problem of high water-tables on by covering clusters of grapes with a because few people believed that Chardonnay could be grown the flatter sites.

I caught a plane and saw the vines with my own eyes. This is, exclusively from sultana grapes! Although the wine is just as m in Narayangaon, and 1,ft however, a very expensive, labor- good today as it was then, it has not moved on, while the rest of m in Nasik and Dodballapur intensive operation.

Brisbois has also moved on, Japan In the most important wine and Chougule would be wise to lure him back. It was established facing valley slopes around Kofu. Sament lured Sonoma China Soils are generally alluvial. Red and sparkling wines are also produced. Japan Predominantly acidic soils that Sylvaner, Syrah, Welschriesling are unsuitable for viticulture, except India Anab-e-shahi, Arka Kanchan, However, the most exciting enterprise so far has to be Grover around Kofu, where the soil is Arka Shyam, Arkavti, Bangalore Vineyards, which germinated in , when Kanwal Grover met gravelly and of volcanic origin.

Blue, Cabernet Sauvignon, champenois Georges Vesselle. By , it had expanded to acres 50 hectares. Michel Rolland has been consulting seldom achieved—let alone Vietnam Cardinal since , and Veuve Clicquot took a small shareholding in But the first documented proof of wines, rather than vines, comes from AD , Japanese wine production was first documented by the Portuguese when a grape variety was sent to Emperor Tai-Tsung by a Turkish in the 16th century, but probably dates back to much earlier times. In , the first commercial mids experimented with more than types of grapes from winery was established west of Tokyo in the Yamanashi district, Australia, Germany, and the US.

In , the Thai government which still accounts for 40 percent of Japanese vineyards today.


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Chaijudh Karnasuta. This led the industry to improve quality and come clean on the provenance of its products. Owned by the Yoovidhya now has a voluntary code that ensures the labeling of all imported family, its wines are marketed under the Chantemp and Monsoon wines as yunyu san, Japanese-fermented wines as kokunai san, and labels.

The vineyards do not system is adhered to by producers of any note, but kokunai san can actually float, but vines are grown on thin strips of land separated still be fermented from imported grapes, grape juice, or concentrate. Until recently, the Koshu grape was located here. Experimentation in production methods is going on, but the There are numerous wineries in Bukhara, Samarkand, and groundwork should first be figured out, by selecting the best sites, Tashkent.

Together, , acres , hectares of vineyards developing specialized clones, and reducing yields. Suntory operate four The first winery to be established in this country was the ill-fated wineries Yamanashi, Yamagata, Shiojiri in Nagano, and Seto in Ninh Thuan joint venture, established by Allied-Domecq in The Yamanashi Winery, with its acre hectare The potential was thought to be very high, since under French vineyard close to Mount Fuji, is the largest in Japan.

These three rule the Vietnamese became the first Asians to acquire a taste for producers lead the industry, but there are plenty of smaller wineries wine. However, the Vietnamese drink only Bordeaux, and tourists that compete in terms of quality, with others waiting in the wings. Winemaking dates back at least 2, years, but it was traditionally from rice and aromatized with herbs for medicinal purposes. A grape-based cooperative winery was set up in by Yoon Byeong-tae to make wine under the Chateaumani label. In total, 90, acres 36, hectares of vineyards produce , cases 56, hectoliters of wine.

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The more menu, always aim to ascend in quality and flavor, serving white delicately flavored the dish, the more delicate the before red, dry before sweet, light-bodied before full-bodied, and wine should be, whereas fuller-flavored foods can young before old. The reason for this is twofold. Obviously, a take fuller-flavored wines.

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We all have different ways of perceiving Try also to make the sequence of wines proceed in some sort of tastes and smells; if one person has a blind spot for, or is especially logical order or according to a theme. The most obvious one is to sensitive to, a particular characteristic such as acidity, sweetness, remain faithful to the wines of one area, region, country, or grape or bitterness, then their perception of the delicacy or fullness of a variety.

New World, or the Cabernet Sauvignons of Italy, for example. The The best approach is to start with conventional food-and-wine theme could be one wine type or style, perhaps just Champagne combinations, but use them as a launchpad for experimentation. This should not be an inevitably also fall into the trap of lighter Alsace wines such as Pinot and Californian or Pacific Northwest afterthought. Inevitably, the most being too alcoholic and too strong- Blanc or Sylvaner, new-wave Chardonnay also work well. The list is endless. For most occasions, this preferably made from the same low in acidity, is the best choice.

If choice would be inappropriate, grape, as the first wine of the the first course is sufficiently but sometimes it can be effective. Champagne is the classic partner. Foie gras If artichoke is served with butter, is fabulous with a fine vintage a light but slightly assertive, dry Champagne or mature Sauternes Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire is and, although diverse in character, best. A firm Champagne is the best accompaniment to salads that include warm ingredients.