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How did mass consumption become part of the norm within American society? After the war, Americans received many items from Europe. Higher wages led to higher demand for excess goods. Lower wages led to less demand for goods. Higher wages led to lower demand for goods.

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Which of the following was a new industry that came about during the s? Everyday Americans were able to afford an automobile because United States History: The Thirteen Colonies A thirteen colonies kahoot for grade 9 - 12 to test your knowledge of the British colonial settlements 16th centuryth century.

Why was Jamestown a poor location for a colony? It had poor farmland.

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It was surrounded by Native Americans. It had many malaria-carrying mosquitoes. It was too close to New Amsterdam. True or False: The Roanoke colonists were eventually found in Plymouth. What major event s led to the War of ? True or False: British troops practiced a policy impressment which angered many Americans. Why did Jefferson and Congress declare an embargo in ? They wanted to hurt France. They wanted to hurt Britain. They wanted to show they were ready for war.

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In the late 19th century, what was a traditional prize won during raffles in New England? During holiday shooting matches, what animals were used as targets? True or False: Over 40 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving Day. What percentage of Americans celebrate the Thanksgiving feast?

What traditional food item did Native Americans use for cooking and medicinal purposes? Thanksgiving in America: The First Thanksgiving A thanksgiving kahoot designed to test your knowledge about the early history of the holiday. In September , which ship left England carrying people seeking freedom in the New World?

Which 2 groups shared an autumn feast together, a meal considered to be the first Thanksgiving? How long did it take for the passengers to reach the New World? The Pilgrims established a village called Plymouth. Where did they originally intend to land? Where did the Pilgrims spend their first frigid winter?

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On board the ship In the woods With the natives All of these. Thanksgiving in America: The Revolution to the Civil War A history of thanksgiving kahoot designed to test your knowledge of the era when the holiday became official. True or False: During the American Revolution, there were no days of thanksgiving. In , which president issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation by the United States? In the first Thanksgiving proclamation, for what were Americans told to be thankful? A good ending to the war of independence The ratification of the United States Constitution.

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Which state became the first to institute a yearly Thanksgiving holiday in ? How did Parliament respond to word that the colonies were on the verge of rebellion? They did not respond and did not feel threatened.

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They sent two regiments of troops to Boston. They sent peaceful diplomats to Boston. They sent three regiments of troops into Trenton. How did the soldiers stationed in Boston act toward the colonists? They were kind and appreciated their hospitality. They were rude and sometimes even violent. The History of Halloween in America A history of halloween kahoot created to test your knowledge of the history of the holiday in America. True or False: Halloween was more common in the southern colonies.

Why was the celebration of Halloween incredibly limited in New England? People in Europe didn't celebrate Halloween. People never heard of the traditions from Europe. Strict Protestant beliefs meant it wasn't celebrated. What was different about the developing American colonial version of Halloween?

Customs of Europeans and American Indians meshed together. They celebrated the harvest. They shared stories with one another of the dead. They danced and sang. True or False: Colonial celebrations included telling ghost stories and making mischief. Which popular custom did new immigrants bring to the US in the second half of the 19th century?

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  • Ghost stories Animal sacrifices Fortune telling Trick-or-treating. The Ancient Origins of Thanksgiving A history of thanksgiving kahoot designed to test your knowledge about the holiday's ancient origins. What traditions did the Separatists and Puritans bring with them to the New World? Having meals with strangers during the spring. Days of having feasts to thank God in times of good harvest.

    In ancient times, which group celebrated their fall harvest with a giant feast? What was the name of the ancient Jewish harvest festival which is similar to Thanksgiving? For how long does Sukkot last? True or False: For years, the Native Americans would celebrate the fall harvest with a feast. Prior to his presidency, how did Abraham Lincoln first become noticed in politics? During his debate with Douglas, Lincoln performed strongly. He won the Senate race against Douglas in He wrote letters to a newspaper supporting Douglas. Why did many Southerners fear Lincoln after his election?

    They thought he would preserve the Confederacy. They thought he would allow slavery.

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    • They felt their rights and liberties would be taken away. What was one of the main purposes of the Missouri Compromise? Which of the following was not part of the Compromise of ?