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We do this by challenging the stories we tell ourselves—we ask questions. Move to Action— A skill to overcome the barriers to change. Then create and agree on a specific plan. Mutual Purpose— Creating safety by assuring others that you care about their best interests and goals. More often than not, your goals will be compatible, but the strategies you developed to meet these goals are opposing.

Mutual Respect— Creating safety by assuring others that you care about and respect them, and that your goal is to solve problems and make things better for both of you. Natural Consequences —Consequences that occur independent of outside action, and require no authority or power. We believe we can only achieve one of two good outcomes, and there will be negative consequences either way e. Personal Motivation Statement— A simple but personally powerful statement successful changers review whenever temptations threaten to overpower them.

Pool of Shared Meaning— Each of us enters a conversation with our own opinions, feeling, theories, and experiences about the topic. These make up our personal pool of meaning. Instead, ask yourself who you want to be and how you want to live and feel. Reward Small Wins —Instead of attaching rewards to your ultimate goal, set small action-oriented goals and reward yourself when you meet one of them.

Safety —Establishing an atmosphere where the other person in a conversation feels comfortable and free to talk about or listen to any topic, not matter how sensitive it may be. Silence vs. Silence is purposely withholding meaning from the shared pool; it ranges from playing verbal games to avoiding a person entirely.

Violence is trying to compel others toward your point of view using tactics like controlling, labeling, and attacking.

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Skill Scan —Identify the skills you need to learn and the skills you already possess that will help you implement your change plan and meet your goals. Start with Heart —The first principle of good dialogue is that healthy dialogue starts with your own motives. Start With Heart means to start with the right motives and stay focused on what you really want throughout the conversation.

Style Under Stress —This is the communication style you naturally revert to when crucial conversations start getting tense. Turn Accomplices Into Friends —The third and fourth of six sources of influence that specifically addresses social motivation and social ability. These sources involve surrounding yourself with people who encourage positive change friends instead of discouraging your improvement accomplices. Turn Bad Days Into Good Data —The ability to learn from your mistakes and adjust your change plan as you learn about additional sources of influence that work against you.

When we tell ourselves a victim story, we exaggerate our own innocence. We intentionally ignore the role we have played in the problem and tell our story in a way that avoids whatever we have done or neglected to do that might have contributed to the problem. We automatically assume the worst possible motives while ignoring any possible good or neutral intentions a person may have. Vital Behavior —A high-leverage action that, if routinely enacted, will lead to the results you want.

Vote Decision —A decision in which all have a voice, but the majority rules. As a result, we move too quickly or become emotional and choose the wrong problem to address. Life flows from one success to another. Prosperity is their life.

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Others are often discovered as we move beyond the basics and start discovering that life is a bit more complex. The real magic happens by not mastering just one. But combining them and producing a formula for success.

I then headed south to an unfamiliar city. It was great school with supportive friendly colleagues. Turning up to school every day was a chore. I looked at some of the older teachers and some loved their work. Steven Spielberg has followed his bliss and his contribution to the world is there for all to see with Jaws, ET and Jurassic Park just some of his creations. This is who you are. This is what you must be for the rest of your life. The hardest thing to listen to, your instincts, your personal intuition.

It whispers. But finding that adventure and bliss is not given to us at birth with a mission written out in big black letters. The hero can be someone who had found or achieved beyond the normal range of achievement and experience. When it is is chosen for you it is like a soldier being drafted and becoming a hero on the battlefield. Or you can choose your passionate purpose by listening to that small voice that lies within and start the journey.

It is a book written over 30 years ago by Benjamin Hoff. So things are what they. Everything has its own place and function. You are who you are. Not someone else. Once you face and know your limitations you can work with them. Instead of having them work against you and get in your way. Prevented people from displaying their genius. That lie is that innovation and creativity starts with a genius moment. That being creative is waiting for inspiration to show up.

We need to say no to more noise and say yes to more silence then the creative process has the space to evolve.

The Startup

Stephen King had this to say about writers. There is no other way. Entrepreneurs need to hang out with other entrepreneurs. Movie makers need to watch other peoples movies. Artists need to study and ponder the canvases of others. But we all need to start somewhere. But that is all it is.

It sounds too simple to be true, but consider the Great Wall of China, if you will: one stone at a time, man. One stone at a time. As you create, add and edit the masterpiece slowly emerges.

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Both addition and deletion will be required to burnish your creation. But if you follow the process you will surprise yourself and the world as your genius emerges from the habit and a daily routine. So starting your day and applying it to what is important can be the difference between success and failure. It was one of my key inspirations to starting my blog and digital entrepreneurs journey. Routine for him is the discipline and ritual to overcome emotions that can ruin his day.

For Tim he knows that the daily routine can change your emotions rather than letting emotions control your day. The practical essence of applying that quote to your morning routine is a habit of getting one important thing done before opening your emails. And we all know that once you open your first email that your ability to get important things done starts sliding into oblivion. But by reflecting on what works for others you gain a glimpse into the elements that you may adapt, copy or ignore.

Now you may have noticed that exercise is not in my morning routine. But I do exercise times a week but later in the day or after work. The most important thing for me with exercise is to do something you love and is convenient and easy. You may be an early morning person, so do it then. For me afternoon is best. But my biggest challenge in the process? Stopping myself being distracted by the trivial tasks that stop me getting the important things done.. At the age of 65 we are usually asked to hang up the tools, hand in the computer and the mobile phone. But a solution tho this to set aside time and create a life skill and habit of creating around the passion and skills that you have developed and love.

A job for life is being replaced by a 12 month contract or the freelancer. But in a world that is in the majority a knowledge economy, the opportunities to reach the world that is thirsting for your experience and expertise and get paid for it is now needed. Becoming a freelancer or entrepreneur is becoming a solution. A day job is just 8 hours….. There are another sixteen hours available. He encouraged us to live a day within a day that can take us from ordinary to extraordinary. Many of us go to work and come home and engage in trivial activities.

This includes television, reading a glossy magazine, sending text messages or even playing with Snapchat.