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So, if you're struggling with regret, how can you get yourself out of it? Well, they key is to not look at whatever happened with this person as a mistake — instead, try to think of it as a learning experience. So, you feel regret when you realize that things could have been better if you'd done something differently.

Even though regret feels bad, the counterfactuals that it's based on are actually really important to learning and planning.

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If you can figure out what went wrong then — rather than obsess over that mistake — you can figure out how to rectify it in the future. If you look at is at a learning experience, then it's played some kind of positive role in your life — no matter how hard it was to get over. If you can't stop thinking about the one that got away, you're not alone. A lot of people struggle with what feels like an unfinished relationship. But if you can focus on what you learned from it — and how to that can help you in the future — you can change a negative experience into a positive one.

And remember, they're only "the one who got away" until the right one comes along.

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