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I decided to research using a Raspberry Pi to collect the data. I preferred the solution that the makers of the Tilt used, updating a Google Sheet. That way there was an easy way to remotely check the brew's progress without having to muck around opening ports on a local gateway, etc. It may not be very elegant, but it works.

Instant Ocean Aquarium Water Test Hydrometer, Marine Salt & Gravity Lavel Testing Scale

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Plug it in, attach a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the RPi and power it up. Once it has booted up to the desktop, connect it to your local network using WiFi or by directly plugging it into your network hub.

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Open a terminal shell and update the software repository information on the pi by using the following command:. Drop your Tilt Hydrometer in a glass of water or just lean it on an angle to turn it on and issue the following command in a terminal. The 12 digit hexadecimal number is the bluetooth address of the tilt. Its like a MAC address for network devices but for bluetooth. If it does not appear, something's not right. Check your Tilt's battery status and that it is actually turning on LED should flash when tilt is moved from vertical position to angled position.

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The Tilt needs seconds when moved to vertical position before it goes into sleep mode. Double check all the required bluetooth software is installed. This is the first time I've done anything with Python beyond running the odd script someone else has developed.

It's a great high level interpreter language that seems pretty intuitive. Not saying I'm immediately some uber hacker, but I can get it to do what I want it to do relatively easily. Hopefully noobs will find my code pretty easy to navigate and the guys who know what they're doing won't be laughing too hard. For this code to work you will need to have a Google Sheet setup and deployed as a web app as described by the guys at Tilt Hydrometer in this blog post.

Copy blescan. Execute the code with. I suggest you reduce the time of the 'updateSecs' variable when testing just so you're not waiting around for ages for the sheet to update. Try putting the odd print variable in the code too so you can see whats happening. Well yes that is true. Another possibility is adding a little TFT display to let you know what is going on. I followed the instructions here to connect it to the GPIO header on the Raspberry Pi and then followed the instructions for getting the fbtft module developed by Notro installed here.

Reboot and if everything has worked there will be a second framebuffer, fb1. Check by issueing the following command:. These little screens are quite susceptible to burn in so I wanted to build in a function to put the screen to sleep and have a button to wake it up. This display came with two buttons on the 'wings' of the display. The circuit diagram is above. Once the hardware is in place and the OS is recognising the display we can modify the Python code to incorporate the screen using Pygame.

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In this case I'm modifying the SDL Environment variables to write directly to the framebuffer of the freetronics display. Hopefully the line comments in the code explain what is going on. Same as last time, copy the tiltV2. A couple of things to watch out for. If you haven't wired in a couple of buttons there is no way of exiting the program short of pulling the plug on the RPi or ssh-ing into a separate console and killing the process or rebooting.

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  • By the same token, there would be no way to wake up the screen once it goes to sleep. You could use Pygame to watch for a keyboard event. I'm sure the code is out there. Anywho, that's it. Perhaps not a super elegant solution and I've yet to code in an allowance for calibration points but it works and is a pretty cheap alternative to a new android device.

    Can't get this code to run in Python on my new Raspberry Pi3. Super new to python, so I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong.

    Reading the Hydrometer

    I get the error. Reply 2 years ago. Reply 1 year ago. Tip 1 year ago on Step 4. Watch the titles of each of the columns in the spreadsheet. If they don't match the dictionary variables the data will show up as "undefined". All Grain brewers will find that especially helpful as a refractometer can be used to sample the mash runoff into your brew kettle in order to measure mash efficiency and sugar extraction. However, for measuring Final Gravity with a refractometer, a special calculator is required once alcohol is present in the beer.

    We offer a Refractometer Calculator here. Welcome to our complete selection of precision beer brewing testing and measuring equipment. By performing simple dare we say, fun tests with this kit, you'll be able to tell conclusively when fermentation ends those airlock bubbles aren Does your beer reflect your inner Dr. Reads the alcohol content of distilled spirits. This specialized hydrometer is used by distillers to check t The Tilt Digital Hydrometer and Thermometer is at the cutting edge of new digital devices made specifically for the homebrewing community.

    This fre The Tilt Wireless Hydrometer and Thermometer is at the cutting edge of new digital devices made specifically for the homebrewing community. This fr At last, a hydrometer that can stand up to the toughest of brew days and brewers. A precision alcohol hydrometer for measuring gravity.

    This is a great range for measuring original gravity, even for big meads and wines. When you need to know And when it comes to homebrewing and winemaking, tracking your progress down to the very smallest detail Monitor your fermentation from your couch, office, plane, anywhere! In their online support section, you can This 12" plastic Breakdown Test Jar makes taking hydrometer readings of wine or wort easy. Plastic, 12" tall. Clear column screws into the base to Plastic test jar for taking hydrometer measurements.