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Report incorrect product info or prohibited items. Maxine Cleghorn. Book Format: eBook. I turned the cap as tightly as I could so it was weird that the air got right back in.

Fizzy and diet drinks: What we know and what we don't

The squeezing method wont work unless you squeeze the bottle and keep it squeezed until you open the bottle the next time. The squeezed up bottle wont retain its shape and will try to get back to its original shape, this will force the CO2 to come out. You end up doing the exact opposite of the fizz pumper cap. More pressure, more fizzy the drink stays.

Fizz pump Less pressure, the CO2 escapes, soda less fizzy. Keep it cold.

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  6. Keep it capped. Don't squeeze the bottle. Don't stand on your head. Don't pray to goofy idols. Check out gas laws on Khan Academy if you want to know the facts. That said, the gas wants to escape the liquid that it is trapped in. If it has room, it WILL escape. Squeezing the bottle only gives it more room to expand, therefore leaving the liquid Leaving the liquid flat. Temperature plays a big part on whether or not a gas stays or leaves. You do the math, a warmer gas expands and elevates, a colder gas contracts and stays.

    You will actually make the soda worse by using a "fizz saver" gadget that pumps air into the bottle, such as the illustrated "Fizz Keeper" cap. This is exactly because of the "partial pressure" reason mentioned later in the article. There are many soda bottle "dispenser cap" gadgets available which do not let outside air into the bottle while they pour the liquid out. Try using those. I have found it helpful to screw the cap back on tightly once you have taken out some soda to drink and shake the bottle vigorously.

    Put back in refrig. The bottle becomes very hard so its seems like a vacuum seal. Of course I wouldnt do this if someone was coming back in 5 minutes to reopen. But I have never had it explode o n me and it seems "fizzier" and fresher this way. Soda bottle caps are designed not reseal tightly once the cap seal ring is broken upon opening, so they will go flat.

    If you buy o-rings the same diameter as the inside of the cap, put one inside the cap, squeeze the air space out of the bottle, and screw down the cap tightly, the soda will be fizee a very long time. The "fizz keeper" which pumps air into the drink bottle will NOT increase the carbonation of the soda. It is a hoax. Henry's law states that the amount of dissolved gas in a solution is a function of the partial pressure of THAT gas above the liquid.

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    Crushing the bottle is probably the worst thing you can do, unless you clamp it or something like that to keep it from inflating back to its original size, try to crush a soda bottle and take time lapse photos of it and see how the bottle inflates back to its original size by the gas from the drink. Also, closing the cap as tightly as you can is not very helpful, you only need to close it as tight as it was closed when it was still sealed this tightness holds up the gas usually much longer than the bottle will be in your fridge , closing the cap very tightly only ruins the gasket and making it less efficient and will result in unwanted gas loss.

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