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These estimates assume that the prevalence of diabetes between fully-insured and self-insured employer populations is the same. Table of Contents Index to Financial Statements Other chronic conditions also impose a significant financial cost on the healthcare system and broader economy. We offer a solution to address hypertension, or high blood pressure, which currently impacts approximately As we continue expanding into other chronic conditions with our Livongo for Prediabetes and Weight Management, Livongo for Behavioral Health by myStrength, and other future products, we believe we will be able to serve millions of additional potential members.

To provide consistent and comparable data across both chronic conditions and population groups, the estimates of our market opportunity for adults with diabetes or hypertension rely on prevalence rates and population estimates of due to limitations on the availability of more recent data for all measures. If any of these estimates have significantly changed, our calculations would be correspondingly affected either positively or negatively.

Additionally, using the annualized PPPM for our solutions to determine the potential revenue we could realize if we fully penetrated these markets assumes that we will not change the pricing for our solutions. These estimates also assume that prevalence rates do not vary by geography and assume that the prevalence of diabetes between fully-insured and self-insured employer populations is the same.

The Livongo Solution. Our goal is to eliminate the confusion, complexity, and excessive costs prevalent today in the healthcare industry. Our team of data scientists aggregates health data and information to create actionable, personalized, and timely health recommendations, and we deliver them when people need it most. We empower our members and improve outcomes by leveraging technology-driven solutions, with a human touch. We offer an integrated suite of solutions to promote sustainable health behavior change based on easy, real-time data capture supported by intuitive devices; insights driven by data science; and a human touch when the member needs it.

Our suite of solutions shares a common product architecture and data structure, and is delivered through a common user interface, multi-channel applications for management, and a cross-condition integrated coaching model. Each solution can be used alone or in conjunction with others and enables members to share results with family, friends, or healthcare providers. We currently offer the following solutions:. Livongo for Diabetes : This solution offers our members a cellular-connected interactive blood glucose meter, unlimited blood glucose test strips, personalized Health Nudges to support behavior change, digital tools across mobile, web, and email, as well as coaching and monitoring.

Livongo for Hypertension : Members receive a connected blood pressure monitor and cuff which is wireless and transmits data after each measurement to our mobile app. Members are able to review results, get Health Nudges for managing their blood pressure by reminding them to take their medication, follow a healthy eating pattern, be more physically active, and receive coaching and monitoring. Livongo for Prediabetes and Weight Management : Members who are at risk for developing diabetes or are overweight are offered a combination of a cellular-connected weight scale, a rich mobile experience that includes health education curricula and content, personalized coaching by registered dieticians and exercise physiologists, group classes, and online communities to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits.

Our Competitive Advantage. We compete successfully for the following reasons:. We put members at the center of our design and have redefined the entire experience, reducing the confusion, complexity, and cost of having a chronic condition and ensuring members are never alone in their experience. Members love the experience we create, we make our members healthier, and we save our members money. Given the significant amount of overlap across chronic conditions, we realized that in order to help people be as healthy and happy as possible, and to achieve cost savings critically important to our clients, we need to address all of the chronic conditions a person is dealing with.

Our clients want their employees and dependents to be healthy. They want programs that people will opt-in to, in significant numbers, that they will like and not complain to the benefits or support team about, and that are budget neutral or will save them money.

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We address each of their concerns by providing client and member satisfaction, high quality care for members, strong cost management, savings, and return on investment, or ROI, and a source of innovation and increased revenue. Physicians want to do good, and we make that easier. We integrate into their workflow and make it easier for them to do their job, by providing high quality data that enables them to focus on the issues that matter. These insights help physicians make changes to medications and also close gaps in care.

We improve outcomes, and reduce cost, and thereby drive increased financial value. A large percentage of people with chronic conditions have them for life.

Our model builds a long-term relationship with our members and our clients by delivering increasing value over time. We currently experience very low member and client churn, in part due to this model. We have also invested substantially in the strength and durability of our model, on an individual level, by being there 24x7x with experienced, informed, and empathic people who provide assistance as needed. This builds strong trust with our members, and also with our clients, where we invest in deeply integrated systems and consistent, relationship-based service, to sustain long-term bonds that go beyond the contracts we sign, as evidenced by our dollar-based net expansion rate of We deploy a direct sales team as well as channel partners to engage with new clients.

Our sales team assists with initial subscriptions by new clients, and our member services team drives additional revenue within existing clients. We have several differentiated features that help us succeed:. Products whose performance improves over time;. Recurring revenue business model;. Differentiated go-to-market strategy; and. Strong relationships with influencers and resellers. Cloud-based technology architecture built for growth;. Highly secure platform;. Robust integrations;.

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Powerful platform built on continuous improvement; and. Platform to manage whole person experience.

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Our team has decades of collective experience across every facet of the healthcare and consumer industries. We operate in a heavily regulated industry where expertise in these sectors is critical to our success. More importantly, our passion is deeply personal, as many of our employees have a chronic condition.

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We build our solutions with empathy because we understand these issues personally. We have a significant opportunity at our existing clients to reach higher enrollment rates, particularly when we are able to optimize enrollment methods. For example, we recently entered into an agreement with one of our channel partners that allows us to access all available emails from our joint clients, which provides us another pathway for member outreach and increased enrollment.

Once enrolled, our model builds a long-term relationship with our members by delivering increasing value over time. We believe we are underpenetrated within our existing client base. We have a significant opportunity with those clients to offer our hypertension, prediabetes and weight management, and behavioral health solutions. For members who have more than one chronic condition that is covered by the Livongo suite of solutions, we can cross-sell in order to enhance the member experience, improve clinical results, and also increase our revenue per user.

Expand Client Base. We believe that our market remains underpenetrated. We will continue to invest in our direct sales and marketing efforts and our channel partners to continue to acquire new clients, including employers, health plans, government entities, and labor unions.

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Continue to Grow the Capabilities of Our Platform. We constantly improve our platform and existing solutions. This helps us deliver more effective solutions to our. Continued Business Development. We will continue to organically build new solutions and, where appropriate, execute on acquisitions and partnerships, to rapidly expand to other chronic conditions and help our members live better and healthier lives. Expand Internationally. Chronic condition management is a global issue and many of our large self-insured employer clients have populations abroad.

Despite different healthcare systems, we believe our solutions are well suited for people living with chronic conditions around the globe, and we view this as a large longer-term opportunity. Recent Operating Results Preliminary and Unaudited. The following information reflects our preliminary estimates based on currently available information and is subject to change. Accordingly, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP does not express an opinion or any other form of assurance with respect thereto.

Gross profit. Loss from operations. Net loss. Clients 1.

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Enrolled diabetes members 2 6. Adjusted gross profit 3. Adjusted gross margin as a percentage of revenue 4.