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Baby-boomer generation misunderstands freedom

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The self-aware, or self-absorbed, feel less self-fulfilled, and thus are racked with self-pity. So, then, to those who once never trusted anyone over Raise that bowl of high-fiber granola, antioxidant-rich blueberries and skim milk and give yourself a Happy Birthday toast. Previous generations were raised to speak only when spoken to, and to endure in self-denying silence. But baby boomers were raised on the more nurturing, child-as-individual teachings of Dr.

Benjamin Spock, and then placed under the spell of television, whose advertisers marketed their wares directly to children. Parents were cut out of the sale — except, of course, for the actual purchase of that coonskin cap or Barbie doll. Gillon said. And they may not have led the civil rights movement, but they embraced it — at least, many of them did — and applied its principles to fighting for the rights of women and gay men and lesbians.

They came to expect, even demand, freedom of choice; options in life. Some of this makes sense but all in all I prefer an analysis that adheres much more closely to the ebb and flow of history.

Boomer Humor

Furthermore, I would not even begin to try to do what Gillon did, namely summarize an entire generation that—after all—includes both George W. Bush and me. Instead I will put my own personal story into the context of what happened in America from my birth date until today in as few words as possible. I am after all writing a blog entry not a book. When I was around 14 or so, I began to become aware of both class and physical differences between my classmates, most of whom were Jewish like me.

Many had parents in the hotel business and could afford to go to Miami Beach in December. They returned with suntans that they wore proudly to school like Gucci bags. Now that I am in my old age, I too enjoy such a distinction! It also mattered a whole lot what kind of car you drove. My father, who owned a fruit and vegetable store, owned a Chevy Biscayne while the kids who went to Miami Beach had parents who drove around in a Cadillac or a Buick.

The Fort Apache Set (my ultimate in Baby Boomer Toys)

Adding to my resentment was how many got cars as gifts for a sixteenth birthday. They would drive around in a Chevy Impala convertible while I burned in my pedestrian envy. Even worse, I was cursed to be a shrimp. Too small and too uncoordinated to make the basketball or little league baseball team, I began to feel left out.

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Although I wanted nothing more than to be in with the in crowd, I began to think in terms of an alternative life-style even at the age of In 8 th grade, we had a social studies class that was taught by Bob Rosenberg, a New Deal liberal whose sister Cissie was an open member of the CP. While listening to Bob, I had an epiphany. This was exactly the world that my classmates and their parents lived in and that excluded me, largely out of an accident of birth. Perhaps had I been 6 inches taller and owned a Chevy Impala in which to tool around, none of this would have entered my mind.

All across America, there were people just like Louis Proyect who were feeling like outsiders. Even some tall, wealthy, muscular white kids felt the same way. It began:.

Baby Boomer Radio All Star Lineup

You gotta get through this life without getting hung up. Freezing from others, from yourself, from the Holy Spirit.

Oh, you see, Christ says go out and find the bums. Find the blind and the cripples. Christ invites everyone, including the outcasts. This Pathfinder book belongs on the shelf of anybody who is interested in the intersection between revolutionary politics and avant-garde art and literature. Now thanks to Autonomedia Press and especially editor Jim Fleming—a Marxmail subscriber who sent me a review copy , we have a volume that belongs on the same shelf. In my first article, I mentioned that surrealism had taken root in the USA in the s largely through the auspices of a magazine titled VVV.

Another editorial board member at VVV was Philip Lamantia, who was to become best known as a leading figure of the new poetry of the s and 50s that included the beats and the San Francisco Renaissance writers.

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It would not be much of a stretch to argue that Lamantia represents a link in the chain between the counter-culture of the s and that of the s. The values that Gillon described as characteristic of the baby boomers—freedom of choice; options in life — have nothing to do with being born in Instead they are the values of the permanent underground in the USA that goes back to the post-Civil War era and that arose as a left-bohemian opposition to the dominant mammon-worshipping culture.

Immediately after WWII there was a rapid expansion of the economy and a fierce repression of left-wing intellectuals that led to a retreat of the left cultural opposition. It found support in the folk music revival as well as the post-beat generation movement that had spread across America.

By it was ready to listen to anti-capitalist views about the malaise that affected so many of us, even though it would take the Vietnam War to finally open my eyes. In my own life, politics has taken priority over personal options. I never considered going to live in a commune in Vermont or seeking enlightenment through one or another religious discipline. However, I do accept that if I had not been radicalized by the war in Vietnam and by working in Harlem for the welfare department, I easily could have gone that route.

I am somewhat at a loss to understand how young people feel nowadays. While there are obvious attempts to defy convention through personal appearances from tattoos to piercing, I wonder how many teenagers feel as alienated from the mainstream culture as I did in If you graduated college in , you never had to worry about finding a job. The NY Times had 10 pages of classified ads geared to college grads—no experience necessary. Nowadays, college students must fret over whether a business degree will get them an interview at some disgusting financial institution.

Eighteen Special Years Between 1946 and 1964

I hold out hopes that a new radicalization will serve as a battering ram against the very forces that Vance Packard wrote about in As member of a generation now entering wintertime and beyond, my fondest hope is to serve as Lamantia did for my own generation 50 years ago. And, in my fondest hopes there is the possibility that some day we will be in the majority and allow the worshipers of Mammon to fall into the minority where they belonged all along. Thanks for that vignette, Louis. I followed a similar path, only seven years earlier.

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Beat poets and jazz were influential for me, too, but the Vietnam war was the decisive turning point. The permanent revolution seems to be more and more dispersed, prolonged, ghostly. Comment by senecal — January 1, pm. As a youngish person, I feel like every potential career path is rotten and corrupt. You thought you might like to go into something noble? Furthermore, my education debts are obscene. Really, three degrees to get one job??